Frameless Entities

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القياس 23-15 cm





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Many of us see the torn pieces of flesh, but we do not see the repercussions of the massacre. We only count the corpses and think these are the martyrs, but we do not count the living breathing corpses left behind. After the bombing, Rima and her family are definitely and undeniably the victims of the massacre. Everyone sympathizes with them. But they are not the only victims of the massacre. Samir and I are victims, too, but no one sympathizes with us. We do not even sympathize with ourselves. We are obliged to spend our lives defending our innocence. We begin to radiate guilt. Our life is never the same because in the eyes of the world we become his accomplices in the murder. Why? Simply because when the scientist checks the characteristics, he succeeds in finding one common characteristic between us and the murderer, so he decides to give us the same label.